We’re in an exciting time for research, but with endless ‘genes for x’ and ‘cures for y’ it can be difficult to tell exaggeration from facts. So where does the message get distorted? And can we work together to make sure it doesn’t?

Have You Heard? is a project set up by a small group of scientists at the University of Manchester with the aim of clearing the haze that often surrounds scientific discoveries and connecting the line between the science and the headline.

At tailored sessions we’ll give you some real examples from our own fields of the journey from an experiment to a news story, and discuss what can go wrong along the way. Then, with your help, we will come up with some ideas for getting science messages to the people who need them quickly and clearly. We’ve also produced an infographic (below) with some top tips on how to interpret science in the news!


Contact us for any information on the project or requests of any kind. We’d be delighted to hear from you!