Glasgow Science Festival 2019

When Have You Heard? was first dreamt up by a small group of friends over beers in the pub I don’t think any of us expected it to grow as it has! Over the last 2 years, the team has expanded and travelled across Greater Manchester, connecting adults with science in a community setting.

This month, we launched the Scottish chapter of HYH as part of Glasgow Science Festival. These events, held across a weekend during the Festival, were a bit of an experiment for the project. Usually we reach out to community groups and go to them in their existing community space. This time, we asked the public to come to us.

As nerve-wracking as that was, we needn’t have worried. On both days we had great individuals from across Glasgow join us in Govan Stones (go check them out – their exhibit is incredible!) who kindly hosted us & also provided much appreciated tea, coffee & cake!

We were excited to also have some new members from north of the border join the team to deliver parts of the session. Fingers crossed for more events in Scotland soon!

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