#6 – About Dementia

Dementia is mentioned a lot in the news, and is only going to become more relevant as we continue to live longer. But what separates it from old age? And how does Alzheimer’s disease relate to it? In this episode we are joined by the brilliant Mike Daniels, a researcher in this fascinating field who works for the UK Dementia Research Institute. We’ll tackle some headlines which have cropped up in the news recently that deal with reducing your risk of dementia and potential treatments.

Have you heard?

Drug that can reverse effects of ageing on the brain shows promise as treatment for Alzheimer’s
Brain health: Eat your way to better cognitive health to reduce your risk of dementia
Earlier Diabetes Onset Could Raise Dementia Risk

If you want to know more about how lifestyle affects your risk of dementia, there is an excellent resource available here: Dementia Risk Factors and Prevention

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Music in this episode:
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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