Have You Heard? 2018 in Review

As the end of 2018 is rapidly approaching, we wanted to look back of some of the things the HYH team got up to across the last year. We’ve been fortunate enough to visit lots of local groups to hear about the types of health and science stories that have caught people’s attention. The feedback from the groups helped us to develop our handy infographic to help people judge the reliability of research-focused media reports. We’ve even used the infographic to judge news stories for our own blog posts. The image below gives you a flavour of the topics we were writing blogs about in the past year.

In the past few months, we have been joined by a host of new members, who bring lots of new and exciting ideas for HYH in 2019. So stay tuned, and in the meantime- we thank you for your support and wish you happy and healthy holidays!

HYH gets involved!

This week we ventured out for our first HYH talk of 2018! We were invited to join the line up at a Public and Patient Involvement event hosted by the University’s very own Centre for Primary Care. As some of you may know, Public and Patient Involvement in research refers to research which is developed and conducted in conjunction with patients or members of the public who have real life experience or an interested in the topic the scientists are researching. Now, with that in mind, it’s fair to say that our audience were all actively engaged in the world of research. This made them a great group to gather further ideas from, following our successful pilot with Didsbury SciBar, they were able to give us more insight into the types of things they look for when judging whether to believe what they hear or read about in the news. As well as the tips featured in our toolkit, articles were judged more reliable if they were published in well-known, high quality journals, and also if the research was reported in a similar fashion by a number of different newspapers or websites. Continue reading